Leg Shield

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Through a process known as Stone Oiling, the leather has been beaten and stretched to a soft body, with oils/dyes added to give it a rich color/scent, and to enhance the “Old World” aging effect. The added oils make it water resistant which is essential for the ink to be easily wiped away from the leather apron keeping your clothes ink free.

Our shields are backed with simple canvas for both durability and comfort. Adjustable straps provide a range of mobility and two different sizes ensure a proper fit. As an added bonus, each apron is equipped with a pencil holster along the edge to make sure you lose it a little less.

The light brown version is dyed with a medium brown to light reddish brown, often the choice for visible branding designs.

The dark brown is a much richer, deeper color. As classy choice for any artist, the aging effect is stronger as it gets older in this color.

The shield itself is a one size fits all. The difference between a size large and small is the back thigh strap and the cross strap, both adjustable to fit sizes in between.

Due to the handmade nature, and methods used for treating the leathers, each sheild will have minor individual traits and personalities.